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Showing humanity as it is, in its most natural state, its nudity and diversity.

By their diversity and their nature, their dynamism and their naturalness, the work of Idan Wizen underline the universal human beauty, well beyond the sociocultural and aesthetic constraints and criteria of our time…

The world we left them

What will future generations say when they talk about the world we left them?

Idan Wizen wanted to represent an intergenerational dialogue between the audience of today and the representation of the children of the future. Far from a pessimistic vision of the future…


With its soft and enveloping lights, this collection takes us on a dreamlike journey around abandonment and the search for freedom. It also allows us to rediscover the body in symbiosis with what could be a new form of nature shaped by human genius…..


In our society where the individual is at the heart of the issues, emancipation and self-fulfillment are the key elements of the current search for happiness. However, to achieve this, we face many obstacles, challenges and hinders…


Composed of two complementary tones, a blue and an orange, both in the decorations and in the lighting, the Sanitized collection with its set entirely covered with plastic sheeting, is reminiscent of the unprecedented episode that our societies experienced: the Covid crisis and the resulting lockdowns.

Into The Box

The ongoing situation may not be the most propitious for the artistic sphere, but that is not everybody’s case. Numerous artists take advantage of the lockdown to have a deeper look into themselves and find the inspiration for creating in order to respond to the current events.