Idan Wizen - Fine Art photography » Liberty


Showing humanity as it is, in its most natural state, its nudity and diversity.

By their diversity and their nature, their dynamism and their naturalness, the works of Idan Wizen underline the universal human beauty, well beyond the sociocultural and aesthetic constraints and criteria of our time. Whoever poses in his simplest clothe participates by his own personality, his differences and his features, freely expressed in the photo, to the universality of humankind.
To the standardization of the criteria of the beauty of our society and its modes of expression, the artist opposes the multitude, the variety, the force of character, the movement, the surprising and the natural one to the state of humankind.

The Liberty collection, in its delicate and quirky decor, inspired by the famous prints, intoxicates us with its countless flowers in purplish fabrics, and transports us to a world of escape and emancipation.
With its soft and enveloping lights, this collection takes us on a dreamlike journey around abandonment and the search for freedom. It also allows us to rediscover the body in symbiosis with what could be a new form of nature shaped by human genius.