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Into The Box

The ongoing situation may not be the most propitious for the artistic sphere, but that is not everybody’s case. Numerous artists take advantage of the lockdown to have a deeper look into themselves and find the inspiration for creating in order to respond to the current events. What was at first just an idea to pass the time in the studio, while there were no clients, and while nobody’s watching, is now transformed into the new collection Into The Box. 

The fine art artist Idan Wizen had this idea during the second French lockdown, when the studio was closed to the public, so he had no choice but to shoot himself and his coworkers. Assembled in the studio by the team, the box is the representation of the enclosure that one may live in during the confinement. Compressed, almost squeezed in the cube, the protagonists represent different emotions we may endure: from anger to stillness, from crying to apathy. 

There is yet another question that pumps up constantly: are we sure that it is only the Covid situation that puts us into the box, or do we do so ourselves? Indeed, quite often we can find ourselves in our comfort bubbles. The problems that sneak inside rest within, until we don’t find any place for other emotions of everyday life. And there we are, suffocated in the box, with nowhere else to go.