Idan Wizen - Fine Art photography » Sanitized


Showing humanity as it is, in its most natural state, its nudity and diversity.

By their diversity and their nature, their dynamism and their naturalness, the works of Idan Wizen underline the universal human beauty, well beyond the sociocultural and aesthetic constraints and criteria of our time. Whoever poses in his simplest clothe participates by his own personality, his differences and his features, freely expressed in the photo, to the universality of humankind.
To the standardization of the criteria of the beauty of our society and its modes of expression, the artist opposes the multitude, the variety, the force of character, the movement, the surprising and the natural one to the state of humankind.

Composed of two complementary tones, a blue and an orange, both in the decorations and in the lighting, the Sanitized collection with its set entirely covered with plastic sheeting, is reminiscent of the unprecedented episode that our societies experienced: the Covid crisis and the resulting lockdowns.

But if this first reading allows us to locate this collection in time, we cannot help but see a deeper, more conceptual and more critical meaning: the sanitization of our society and its culture. The smooth plastic perfectly represents the current desire to create a world without roughness, which does not bother anyone. A world that trembles at the idea of ​​criticism on social networks, a world where the priority is no longer to please some people, but to displease no one. In the midst of this, the individual, the only element that is not covered with plastic, is daring to defy the standardization of our customs. And the choice which is offered to him is to accept or not this new world, smooth and sanitized, a choice represented by the duality of colors which come to illuminate the model. It is up to the spectator to choose the world he prefers.