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I’m creating strong and striking images for one purpose: I want my images to provoke thought and discussion. I want the viewer to question himself, question his certainties, learn to see things differently. Reflexion on two levels: the individual and societal. On the individual level, I want my work to take the viewer on a journey to think about the constraints his mind self-imposes, of acceptance of his body, or to help find the beauty in all shapes, sizes, and flaws. On the societal level, my reflections turn to the choices we will have to make tomorrow: our morals, our environment, our responsibility towards future generations, our relationship to science, to the transformation of homo sapiens into a new species…

These images come from a wide inspiration, mainly from writings, such as those of Bernard Werber or Yuval Noah Harari, but also great photographers like David Lachapelle or Jill Greenberg. Not to mention, of course, my pop culture, ranging from Marvel to Tolkien through the Rock and Metal music of the 70s and 80s.

Combining strong ideas with the relevant aesthetic of an image seems to me easier than writing a political or philosophical piece. Art allows us to send a more subtle message, a message that will be interpreted differently depending on the viewer. By using in my art, the subtlety and multi-interpretation of the message, I want to put the viewers’ ideas and their vision of things into perspective and thus, to understand mine. I want to caress the unconscious and thus become the seed that will germinate over time allowing the evolution of ideas.

Most artists have very radical opinions on their topic. I tend to believe that most of our daily challenges and problems are complicated involving a complex and subtle solution. I’d like to think about the faces of the coin. Isn’t it funny for a 2D artist? For now, it’s in photography that I found the most comfortable way to express myself. But I’m starting to think about sculpture and video in order to express more easily the permanent, rage and hope, cohabitating inside me. 

My rage is coming from the contemplation of a world that seems to be spinning counterclockwise! I always feel repulsed and angered at many things. I feel anger towards the state of the world. I feel beaten down at people’s stupidity, violence, and hypocrisy. I feel thunderstruck at the fear of progress and science. And I also truly believe that our world is better now than it has ever been. I’m amazed by some beautiful minds, by the creativity and intelligence of humankind. So it’s in humankind that I put my hope and my expectations for tomorrow!

Idan Wizen